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Camille Anderson, remember that name. She’s a mainstay in the mainstream world of ultra-popular magazines such as the cover of Stuff, Nuts (UK Top 100 Girls for 2005,) FHM, Maxim, Loaded, Stun, Ramp, Marie Claire, Razor, American Cheerleader, Beverly Hills 213, American Health & Fitness, On Fitness, Men’s Edge, Femme Fatal, OnFitness, Ralph (Top 200 Women in the World 2007,) FHM Australia (Top 100 Women in the World 2008!) Camille is also a recognizable talent in an array of television and movie roles.

In her biggest movie role, Anderson can be seen in Wedding Crashers, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The highly anticipated blockbuster was the #1 comedy across the globe.

“My scenes are mostly with Owen. We did everything from kissing to ball-room dancing. Not a bad way to make a living,” giggles Anderson with a coy smile. “I really enjoyed this project because the director, David Dobkin, gave us freedom for improvisation. The whole experience felt really creative.”

And if you’re a fan of the TV show Las Vegas on NBC, watch for Camille Anderson! Her character, Lisa, will be returning for more episodes! She recently played Josh Duhamel’s love interest.

If you tune your TV to Mark Cuban’s new channel HD Net, you’ll see Camille sky-diving in Australia and bungi jumping in New Zealand. She hosts “Get Out,” an adventure travel show which takes her to exotic destinations around the world.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in broadcast journalism, Camille already had “Dateline Associate Producer” under her belt. While in college, Camille jumped full-fledged in to the world of producing with jobs at MTV, Fox News, and Dateline NBC. Next, she headed to Los Angeles to produce E! True Hollywood Story.

With a knack for producing and a desire to develop her on-air hosting and reporting skills, Camille began landing jobs in front of the camera.

Camille’s extensive credits include HBO’s Sketch Pad, Las Vegas, Dharma & Greg, as well as the ultra-funny comedies Wedding Crashers (Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson) & Pauly Shore Is Dead. Her journalism and reporting career has flourished, as well.

Anderson was raised in Dallas, Texas where she thrived as an adolescent. She was an avid athlete, and scholar, always keeping herself busy with school, cheerleading, gymnastics, cross-country running, and leading a spiritual group for young teens.

“I have a down-to-earth attitude and a positive outlook on life,” exclaims Anderson. “I’m proud of who I am and I’m working as hard as possible to keep my career moving full force ahead. The future is definitely exciting!”

We couldn’t agree more. This Texas beauty and former Miss Austin USA has a glow from the inside. And things are happening at lightening speed. Anderson is propelling her career forward by remaining dedicated to her craft, spending many hours each week taking acting classes and private coachings, as she explores the art’s many genres.

Next time you’re flipping channels on your television set, beware! Camille has appeared in multiple commercials, such as Sony Play Station, Coors, Bud-Lite, and Burger King to name a few.

And look out because Camille is on the run! Her hobbies include sky diving, snow skiing, hiking, and traveling-most recently to Africa.

Camille’s proudest achievement is having her baby daughter Brooklyn, just 1 and 1/2 years old! She gained a new appreciation for weight gain and weight loss during her pregnancy. "Staying fit has always been a way of life for me. Eating healthy and working out are equivolent to sleeping and breathing to me! However, I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy and I also gained a new found respect for what it takes to lose weight. I'm proud to say I lost the baby weight in four months. I love sharing my story and tricks of the trade!"

A consummate professional with dynamic talent, Camille Anderson is fast becoming a household name.


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