1) Describe your perfect day?
Well, I love to sleep. So, I would wake up around 10a.m. and walk to Coffee Bean for a Chai Latte. I'm completely obsessed with them! Then, I would go for a hike in the Malibu hills followed by a massage overlooking the ocean. Lastly, I would go out to dinner with a close group of friends to a really cozy restaurant. I'm not too hard to please.

2) What qualities do you look for in a guy?
I want a guy who is extremely secure with himself. I want him to be really supportive and encouraging of my career. He also needs to have a great sense of humor. I want someone who is spiritual, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, driven in business, goal oriented, and has a great heart. And I love a guy who has some moves on the dance floor! I think that every day, I'm learning more and more about what I want in my partner. It becomes less about looks, and more about who the person really is. And of course, I need passion.

3) If you could live anywhere other than L.A., where would it be?
I would live part-time in Nantucket and part-time in Austin, Texas. Nantucket is so peaceful and relaxing. I could wake up to the sounds of the ocean and watch the Regatta in the afternoon. Austin has a beautiful hillside terrain, lakes, a great sense of culture, tons of amazing restaurants, live music, and a booming business industry all wrapped into one! Not to mention, the best BBQ around.

4) What career would you choose if you weren't acting or modeling?
That's a tough one. I really enjoy my career right now. I think it's so important to feel fulfilled in one's job- and I am! So, I just can't imagine doing anything else. I suppose if I had to choose, I would be a news reporter. My educational background is in broadcast journalism and I enjoy current events.

5) Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?
Yes, most definitely! Spirituality is close to my heart and really helps to keep me grounded. It's so important to understand yourself, your morals, your boundaries, and your priorities. I'm able to stay true to others and myself as a spiritual person. That, of course, is just my opinion. Right now I'm working on being non-judgmental of others. I think this is a very important and admirable quality and I'd like to instill it into my life.

6) Do you see yourself settling down soon?
At the moment, I am so incredibly busy with my career and I'm really enjoying every minute of it. I do know that I would like to have children some day and I would also like to have a life partner whom I can share everything with and love for the rest of my life. When the right guy comes my way, hopefully I'll know it. Actually, I want it to hit my like a ton of bricks!

7) If you had three wishes, what would they be?
I would wish for happiness and health in life. I think that about covers everything.

8) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I really enjoy hiking, going to the movies, eating dinner with friends, cooking dinner for guests, wine-tasting, reading, and watching my favorite television shows. Randomly enough, I love home improvement. If I'm out running errands, you can most likely find me at Home Depot.

9) Has it been difficult adjusting to life in Los Angeles?
Yes and no. I love everything that southern California has to offer in terms of beautiful weather, beaches, and most of my work is here. I do miss the ultra-friendly people in Texas. They tend to have a very caring and welcoming attitude. But, I've settled in and feel like L.A. is home. I've made some amazing friends and this is where I'll stay. I also like the variety of life in Los Angeles.

10) Do you have any regrets in your life?
I'm a firm believer in the saying, you learn from your mistakes. I know I've become the person I am today as a result of my mistakes and experiences, both good and bad. I prefer not to live with a regretful frame of mind. Instead, I like to learn from my experiences and move on.



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