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December 12, 2011


Ocean Home Magazine

  Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your December. It's such a busy time of year but also a wonderful time of year! I love that there are so many occasions to spend time with family. My interview/article in Ocean Home Magazine just came out. Check it out if you have a moment! All my best from my family to yours!

Ocean Home Magazine

xo Camille

  October 10, 2011  
  Back to Work!  
  It’s so fun to be working again! My hours are sporadic and I can pretty much set my own schedule. Here is a picture from the latest event I covered. I interviewed lots of the “Dancing with the Stars” cast, which was a blast! I was next to E! and The Insider – fun! My upcoming projects include “official mommy blogger” for My video series is entitiled: ”Mommy Chic with Camille.”