Clockwise: Oscars, Movie Premiere in Hollywood wearing Roberto Cavalli, Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson, Kentucky Derby Gala and Race Day (Hat Designed by C.K. Nobles Millinery Design)

Hi everyone! I’m Camille Anderson, a fashion influencer, actress, TV host, real estate entrepreneur, and editor of PonchosandPalmTrees.com.

The name Ponchos and Palm Trees is an ode to my Dallas, Texas roots, and to where I currently live, beautiful Beverly Hills, California. My style has evolved from cowgirl boots and ponchos to city savvy and ultra sleek.  Although I do still love ponchos and I often run around in workout gear. –After all, I am a busy mom to a five year old daughter!

I attended the University of Texas, at Austin, where I graduated with honors, with a degree in broadcast journalism. Empowerment through education is extremely important to me and I hope to pass that on to others.  I also believe that a strong work ethic combined with perseverance is the key to success. Opportunities are created through hard work, implementation, dreams and a drive to succeed!

I have travelled all over the world for my acting and TV hosting career, including Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Iraq.  I’m greatly influenced by my travels, and this carries over into my everyday lifestyle and overall outlook on life, as well as design aesthetic.

Life is beautiful and I am honored to have touched a little part of your world.

Cheers to God, family & fashion!

xo Camille Anderson

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